Policies and Prices



The MOUTHPIECEGUYS will work on just about any single-reed woodwind there is (Brian recently finished reconstruction of a taragato mouthpiece), including the full range of the sax and clarinet families.

What we can do:
Apply a variety of facings with varying lengths, curve rates, and tip openings
Baffle work, additions and subtractions of wedges, inserts, etc.
Flat or concave tables, although we both tend to be flat table disciples
Replacement or repair of bite plates
Banding of cracked shanks
Chamber modifications and enlargements

What we can’t do:
Perform magic tricks on your mouthpiece
Guarantee to make one mouthpiece play exactly like another

You’ll find that our rates are among the best on the market, due mainly to the fact that we have been doing this for a long time on a full-time basis, and have the skills and knowledge such that it might not take us as long as others to complete the highest-quality work.

Erik and Brian now accept PAYPAL!

If you need an account, log in to www.paypal.com
Paypal charges (3%, 4% for international transactions) will be added to shipping and handling

For packages postmarked after October 31, 2016, we have instituted a small price increase in our refacing charges, which are reflected in the chart below. This will keep us under the rates of most of the other top craftsmen, but will make us more competitive in the price catagory. Thanks for your continued patronage.


Hard rubber/ plastic/wood


Stainless steel

Standard refacing*



$170 for change up to .005”

Chamber enlargement

Quote by job, generally $60

Quote by job, generally $70


Bite plate replacement

Quote by job, generally $60

Quote by job, generally $60

Shank repair/ banding

Quote by job, generally $60



Baffle inserts

Quote by job, generally $60

Quote by job, generally $60


Combination chamber work/refacing job  (such as Vandoren V16  HR alto or tenor chamber enlargement/reface)     $140
Double-chamber baritone chamber enlargement $75
Combination baritone double-chamber enlargement/refacing job (and slant style soprano chamber/refacing job) $150
Play-testing, measuring, evaluation + return insured shipping only $25
Minimum service charge for all minor adjustments $35

*A standard full refacing  includes: flattening the table, proper application of a good facing curve, tip opening changes (open or reduce) as you desire, perfecting of the tip rail, evening and straightening of side rails, baffle work,  window work (widening, symmetrifying) as needed, and very fine finish work.  Mouthpiece will be returned to you cleaned up inside and out.

The MOUTHPIECEGUYS guarantee their work and craftsmanship.  If you’re not satisfied and think something is amiss, we will recheck your mouthpiece and perform one adjustment for the cost of return shipping.  You have two weeks after recieving your mouthpiece to let us know of a warrantable claim regarding our work.  We will always be honest about your expectations of any certain piece.  

We ask that payment be made at the time the work is done.  A personal check, cashier’s check, or money order is quite acceptable, and we are equipped to accept Paypal.  When you send us your mouthpiece, you can request that one of us specifically do the work on your piece, or we will alternate work on those that come in without being intended for one of us specifically.  You can contact us by email or phone with questions about your piece, or just send it to us with payment and a note including the following info:
Your name, return address, phone number/email address
What you want done to your piece, and problems you might be having with it
What brand and strength reeds you’re playing
What horn you’re playing
What kind of playing you’re doing
What kind of sound you’re aiming for

It is customary that we engrave the new tip opening on the mouthpiece, along with our initials.  Please let us know if you do not want this information engraved on the mouthpiece, or what additional information you would like on the piece (i.e. facing length, date).

Please include payment for the work and for return shipping.  In general, we prefer United States Postal Service Priority Mail, but will accommodate requests for other shipping methods.  Below are domestic rates for shipping with and w/o insurance:

USPS Priority Mail w/confirm
$50 insurance

$100 insurance

$200 insurance

$300 insurance

$400 insurance

$500 insurance

Insured for more than $500







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